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Life After Death – Part 3 – The Second Resurrection

The apostle John, in the Book of Revelation, writes of a “first resurrection.” In this presentation we cover the second one. Some people consider this resurrection a mystery. While it seems true that the further out a mentioned event is on the Bible timeline, the more obscure the references. But the second resurrection is not so far out that we can’t gain a lot of detail about it, when it occurs, who is resurrected, what form they take. If you don’t understand this point of Bible truth, or if you need to explain it to others, this presentation can help.

Life After Death – Part 3 – The Second Resurrection2021-05-20T08:53:46-06:00

The Better Resurrection – Trumpets

Paul called the first resurrection a better resurrection. First, his statement implies that there is more than one resurrection. And lwhy is one better than another? Learn something new from your Bible, or, if it is not new to you, learn how to explain it to others.

The Better Resurrection – Trumpets2022-02-18T10:10:13-07:00

Life After Death – Part 2 – The First Resurrection

The patriarch Job asked, “If a man die, will he live again?” The answer, from the Bible, is "Yes." But it’s not like you might think. It’s way better. Listen to this presentation to understand more about God’s plan for all his children, past present and future.

Life After Death – Part 2 – The First Resurrection2021-05-20T08:52:57-06:00

The Day of Visitation

Looking up the term "Day of Visitation," most of the links go to the narrower prophetic meaning. We took a different approach. If "God comes" is the literal meaning of the term, then it also applies to God's work in our individual lives.

The Day of Visitation2024-01-12T13:51:05-07:00

Jerusalem Old and New – FoT

God tells us in his word that he will send “New Jerusalem” to us. His description of it in Revelation 21-22 is so different it’s difficult to comprehend. Can we learn anything about New Jerusalem by studying the Jerusalem of the past? This presentation explores Jerusalem from the past to discover more about her future.

Jerusalem Old and New – FoT2022-09-23T14:19:10-06:00

Life After Death – Part 5 – Judgement

In this last part of the Life After Death Series, we continue on with the time progression through the Book of Revelation that provides a chronology of the final events in God’s plan as he has revealed it. Once we understand the Bible on this issue, we can see why God says he is “not willing that any should perish,” and how he is going to have His way in it. It’s good news!

Life After Death – Part 5 – Judgement2021-06-18T09:05:36-06:00

Life After Death – Part 4 – The Spirit in Man

In this fourth part of the series, Life After Death, we prove out of the Bible that there is no such thing as an immortal soul. Instead there is something much better in store for us. For those who already know, this offers a helpful review, for those new to it, the light of God’s truth on the subject—right out of the Bible.

Life After Death – Part 4 – The Spirit in Man2021-06-26T13:05:20-06:00

God is a Farmer – Pentecost

Jesus told us his Father is a farmer. Our Father is growing a crop of beings for his kingdom. We are those crops. What’s the import of that? God has a plan and we are a part of it. He is tending to us, cultivating, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting. In our age, disconnected from the land, this might not mean much to us, but if we want to know what God is doing, we would be wise to learn more about his farming efforts.

God is a Farmer – Pentecost2021-05-20T09:50:01-06:00

The Return of Christ – Trumpets

A friend asked us to produce a presentation explaining Christ’s return in a way that children could understand. This presentation is my effort at that—an outline with context. A timely presentation for the Festival of Trumpets, which falls on the first day of the 7th month. A day when ancient Israel blew the 7th Trumpet.

The Return of Christ – Trumpets2021-05-20T09:53:32-06:00

Noah’s Flood – Bible Stories for Adults 006

When some of us think of Noah’s flood, we think of cute cartoons of animals filing into an ark. It goes without saying there is a lot more to it than that. Besides the doubts some have about the logistics of the ark, what about the issue of God killing off his own children. Such a thought causes some to opine that God is a monster. That’s why we call it a Bible Story for Adults.

Noah’s Flood – Bible Stories for Adults 0062021-05-20T09:56:23-06:00
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