Ronald Dart, when he learned that Guy Swenson, Jim O’Brien, and I were simultaneously establishing service ministries, invited us to Tyler, Texas. There he presented to us, along with our wives, a thoughtfully prepared list of things we could do to be successful in our new ventures. His kindness was encouraging and thought provoking, if not incredibly helpful. Jesus has done a similar kindness for all Christians. 

When he began his ministry, after appointing the twelve disciples, Jesus took them to the Mount of Olives to orient them toward their new calling. He began with seven fundamental attitudes. We call them the Beatitudes today. These attitudes as a framework that puts us on the road to eternal life. Understanding that framework is worth the effort. Applying it yields success in our relationship to God, and shows the way to eternal life.

These seven attitudes are all laid out in Matthew 5. When we look at them, we can easily see that they are profound. That being the case, you would think that all Christians would have heard so much about them that they would be a part of our collective memory and wisdom—but they are not. We seldom think of them. Rarely do ministers talk about them. There are few if any courses on how to apply them. Why not?

I don’t know. It is baffling, when we consider what Jesus was doing when he laid these attitudes out for his neophyte disciples (and for us).

To rectify that lack , we offer our LifeResource Ministries series, simply titled, The Beatitudes. There we cover each one and portray these seven life principles as a progression, each one built upon the previous. You can it find here.

Talk to you soon.

— Bill

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