The Apostle Paul told the early church that the Passover season, the way Jesus taught them to observe it, was a time of spiritual self-examination, as well as a time to commemorate his death. If we follow that instruction, we can know there was a reason for it, an expectation attached to it. Paul also taught that the logical extension of that personal examination is our spiritual growth. Most Christians know this and pray to follow Jesus’ perfect example. We pray that God will help us overcome our faults. We ask him to help us set a good example. Some times we even get specific about various weaknesses.

But did you know there is a much better way to pray for real change—and to achieve it? There is a way to pray that accesses the Spirit of God in us and moves us toward the Christ-like life that all Christians seek. It’s hard work, but God listens.

I am going to talk more about this way to pray during this year’s festival. It will be published on some time after that.

Talk to you soon.

— Bill

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