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Sacrificial Love – The God-Based Marriage – 3

Jesus said that laying down one’s life for one’s friends was the greatest love of all. How does this apply to marriage, when the marriage is God-Based? It’s the most powerful aspect of a healthy marriage. Are you good that this kind of love?

Sacrificial Love – The God-Based Marriage – 32021-04-06T14:49:54-06:00

Sacrifical Love – Atonement

John the Baptist referred to Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The sins of the world we know about, but what about the lamb of God? Did you know there is a biblical festival for Christians that teaches us a lot more about Jesus than Christmas?

Sacrifical Love – Atonement2019-09-21T11:48:10-06:00

Fear and Love



Fear and Love

We’re working on our eighth presentation in the series,

Fear and Love2017-05-12T03:19:45-06:00

Communicating Love

Is there one principle that underlies all successful parenting? The bible tells us there is. Further, there are four simple things we can do to apply that all-important principle in our family and our congregation. Learn more about it in our latest presentation, Communicating Love, the first of our latest series, Practical Christian Parenting Part 2.

Communicating Love2017-05-12T02:42:17-06:00

Love Your Congregation

In Ephesians 5 the Apostle Paul said that women were to submit to their husbands. Most people reject this approach at face value today. And yet I meet many people who live happily together. I meet other people who believe that men ought to "rule" their wives (and wives who try to rule their husbands) and are not so happy at all. In thinking about this, it occurs to us that perhaps people in our culture incorrectly interpret Paul's statement due to a cultural bias.

Love Your Congregation2017-05-12T02:59:28-06:00

Premarital Considerations – The God-Based Marriage – 10

We just completed our series, The God-Based Marriage, in which we enumerated 9 organizing principles of marriage. How can those who are not married but want to be, use this information? Listen to this presentation to learn three ways the series can help you prepare for marriage.

Premarital Considerations – The God-Based Marriage – 102021-04-06T15:04:37-06:00

God’s Universal Hierarchy – The God-Based Marriage – 1

Perhaps the most important organizing principle of marriage is the way God and Jesus conduct their own relationship. It’s a model for relationships across the entire creation, both in heaven and on earth.

God’s Universal Hierarchy – The God-Based Marriage – 12021-04-06T14:41:29-06:00

The organizing Principles – The God-Based Marriage – Introduction

God makes everything according to a plan, with organizing principles underlying each creation. He created marriage this way. If we know the organizing principles and follow them, it stands to reason that being married happily depends on the application of these principles in the relationship. This series aims to lay them out, all in one package for easy review, and to explain each one with examples and scriptures. We hope this can be helpful for premarital and newlyweds, as well as those who have been married for years.

The organizing Principles – The God-Based Marriage – Introduction2021-04-06T14:48:25-06:00

How God Works

All of us have an innate style of operating, of being in the world. Some of us are intense, other laid back, some organized, some less so. What is God like? How does He work? An important question about someone who has so much power and influence in our lives.

How God Works2018-09-07T15:27:51-06:00
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