God Knows Best

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Christ and the Law

Some people think Jesus did away with the law, when in the plainest possible language, he says he did just the opposite. He established the law all the more. Learn more about it in Christ and the Law, part of the True Sprituality series.


Walking Worthy

Paul introduced the idea that there is a logical response by us to Christ's sacrifice. What do you think it is? Learn more about it in Walking Worthy, part of the True Sprituality series.



One of the fruits of the spirit that Paul listed in Galatians is self-control. Learn more about this vital topic in this presentation, part of the True Sprituality series.


Loving Self

Jesus tells us in scripture that the second greatest commandment is to love others as self. Learn more about it in Loving Self, part of the True Sprituality series.



Want to be encouraged? Think of it, when Christ returns, he will bring justice to the earth. No more big business manipulating corrupt govenrment. No more oppression of the weak. No more games, manipulation, deception, or spin. Justice is part of the True Sprituality series.



Do you have faith that God will transform you into something better? That's what faith is all about, isn't it. Can God do it? Will he do it? What are the implications of faith in God's power to change for parents and children?



God called the model of his throne in the tabernacle of Isreal the mercy seat. That tells us a lot about God and how we ought to be as well.