The Law of God

The Bible tells us that God’s law is the instrument He uses to perfect us, to cause us to grow spiritually toward his character and mindset. So sad that so many people don’t think it’s of any value in Christian life these days. That view point has led to a weak kind of Christianity that is a mere shadow of what God intends for us. This series explores some of the Apostle Paul’s scriptures that people use today to excuse themselves from the observation of God’s law.


The Law of God – Part 7 – Grace is a Relationship

The biblical term, grace, has many meanings to many people. To some it is an unctuous, pious sanctimonious expression that is embarrassing to use. To others it is an excuse to wantonly violate the laws of God. And to yet others, it means freedom to worship God however one wants, Bible aside, Jesus example aside, New Testament faith and practice aside. Grace is none of these.


God’s Law – Part 4 – Which Laws Today?

So far in this series, we’ve learned that Christians obey God’s. Most Christians would agree with this statement. Disagreement occurs when we start discussing which parts of it are we to keep today. This presentation deals with this issue, out of the Bible rather than any church’s doctrinal positions on the issue.


Law of God – Part 2 – Law or Grace

The largest Christian denomination tells us that because Christ died to cover our sins with a blanket of grace, we are now free to sin as we please, confess our sins and do it all over again. Well, that’s not actually what they say, but that’s how it goes for them. Is that what God intends for us because of Christ’s precious sacrifice? Consider the issue with Law or Grace, the second in our series, The Law of God.