The God-Based Marriage

The Bible tells us God created males and females and provides a relationship for them called marriage. As with everything God has created, immutable principles and laws of operation surround marriage. If we know what they are and them, chances of a successful marriage skyrocket. This series, The God-based Marriage, delves into the foundational principles.


Commitment – The God-Based Marriage – 9

So far in this series, we have covered most of the fundamentals undergirding the God-based marriage. We saved this one for last because commitment is the one that makes marriage work when problems arise. It is also true that the concept of committed marriage is becoming lost in our culture. One of my counseling clients told me she didn’t know anyone who believed that marriage was for life. The results of this terrible loss are seen in the divorce statistics. Less than half of all marriages survive. Tune into this series to learn more about how to make a marriage last a lifetime.


Having Your Mate’s Back – The God-Based Marriage – 5

If we are smart, we know that we need someone to have our back. Scripture reveals that God knew that Adam was not complete when he created Eve to be a support for him. Adam needed help. We see that Adam recognized this and was happy about what God had done. Later in the NT, we learn that Adam (and all husbands) are also to have their wife’s back as well, each one supporting the other in the specific way that is most helpful. Consider, in this presentation, what that looks like in a God-Based Marriage.


Heirs Together – The God-Based Marriage – 4

While marriage is an everyday relationship, it also looks beyond this life to the goal a husband and wife can both attain in the Kingdom of God. This goal causes a God-Based marriage to become a spiritually beneficial relationship for both parties, as they support each other in spiritual things. For that reason, knowing that a husband and wife are “heirs together of the grace of life,” organizes marriage into a profoundly spiritual endeavor.


The organizing Principles – The God-Based Marriage – Introduction

God makes everything according to a plan, with organizing principles underlying each creation. He created marriage this way. If we know the organizing principles and follow them, it stands to reason that being married happily depends on the application of these principles in the relationship. This series aims to lay them out, all in one package for easy review, and to explain each one with examples and scriptures. We hope this can be helpful for premarital and newlyweds, as well as those who have been married for years.