Common Faith Network is not a corporation or even an organization. It’s an idea. And a hope.

It’s about the hope that the Church of God believers can share their gifts to strengthen the whole and benefit from the contributions of others. To help with this collaboration, Common Faith Network has been gifted with the resources to build a new website.

We hope can become, in part, a library of spiritual resources for those wishing to connect with other believers, share resources, and learn more about how to live the Christian life. Maybe it can even be an electronic “cafe” where we can gather to discuss issues, make plans, build projects, etc.

Fourteen years ago Elaine, my wife, and I started LifeResource Ministries. During this time, we have produced an audio every two weeks about various aspects of Christian living, mental health, and child advocacy. We have a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a podcast—and a lot of resources for you. We only wish more people knew about it.

And now, we have reciprocal links to this fantastic resource, a hub from which all of us who wish can come to find the help with our lives, our relationships, and our ministries. is going to help our LifeResource ministry grow—and it will likely help yours too, if you contribute, or use it and tell others about it.

It can help all of us serve of God more effectively.

So click on some links at Common Faith Network, take a look around, and see what you think.

Talk to you soon.

— Bill

LifeResource Ministries
Serving Children, Families, and the Church of God