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Living Unleavened – A Festival Presentation

Thirty years after Christ died, we see in the Bible the Apostle Paul telling the Church to live “unleavened.” It’s clearly a reference to the Festival of Unleavened Bread. He explains that leavening, in the Bible, is a symbol for sin. The only way to live sin free is by the Grace of Jesus Christ, which is the subject of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, a New Testament Christian Festival.


Checkpoint Charlie – Passover Examination

Checkpoint Charlie was a famous checkpoint in Berlin during the Cold War. Did you know that God has a checkpoint for Christians too? Are your ID and other papers in order? Can you pass the checkpoint successfully? Learn more in Checkpoint Charlie - Passover Examination.


Small is Good

Small is Good because God always starts small when he uses us to accomplish his will. Why is that? What else do we need to know about “Small” being “Good”?


Mind Over Matter

Mind over matter. It's a common expression. And it applies to Christian life in a most important way. Do you know how to put mind over matter the way God tells us? Consider the issue in this presentation.


Human Nature – How We Got It

Modern Christianity teaches that we were born with the bad part of our nature. How can that be, as God made the creation, including Adam and Eve, and said, "This is good?" If we are not born with it, how did we come by it?


Acting Like a Child

Jesus said all Christians need to have the attitude of a child. Why did he say that? In our world, when we tell an adult they are acting like a child, it’s not meant to be a good thing. So this dichotomy runs us smack into one of the great spiritual paradoxes. Understand more about it in Acting Like a Child.


The Day of Visitation

Looking up the term "Day of Visitation," most of the links go to the narrower prophetic meaning. We took a different approach. If "God comes" is the literal meaning of the term, then it also applies to God's work in our individual lives.

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