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Making Life Easier – Part 8 – Communication

It is so easy to misunderstand someone. And that is why we are adding Communication to our series, Making Life Easier. When we are misunderstood or misunderstand, things can get tangled and relationships damaged. Learn some vital tools to communicate and understand others so that life is easier.


Making Life Easier – Part 7 – Being Mild

In this series, Making Life Easier, we have covered topics that are strategies for making life easier, such as problem-solving and personal organization. For the remainder, we will cover more character based topics, the first of which is Mildness. Jesus, we are told, was mild. What do you know about being mild?


Making Life Easier – Part 6 – Contributing

Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes, that one of the few things in which we can find true satisfaction is our work. This squares with psychological research. People are happier when they are doing work that makes a contribution to a greater good. In other words, contributing makes life easier.


Jerusalem Old and New – FoT

God tells us in his word that he will send “New Jerusalem” to us. His description of it in Revelation 21-22 is so different it’s difficult to comprehend. Can we learn anything about New Jerusalem by studying the Jerusalem of the past? This presentation explores Jerusalem from the past to discover more about her future.


The Purpose of Prophecy

What does God want us to learn from Bible prophecy? It’s quite likely Christians in every generation since Christ’s death have believed he would return in their life-times. And, so far, they have all been wrong. What is the purpose for Bible Prophecy, then, if it’s not to know when Christ will return?


A New Heart – Day of Atonement

God promised, in the Old Testament, to grant anyone who wants it a new heart, a heart that willing conforms to God’s ways, a heart like God’s heart. Int this presentation, A New Heart, we see that the Holy Days of God also predict this mass change in humanity. “Come and see” how it will work.

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