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Recent Sermons


Increasing Faith

The disciples asked Jesus to “Increase our faith.” When he answers them, what He said didn’t seem to connect to the request. This presentation, Increasing Faith, not only explains the issue but shows how God increases our faith.


Under God’s Blanket

Have you ever gone to bed on an icy cold night and been thankful for that warm quilt, or thick wool blanket, or down comforter? God has a blanket for us. It’s not a blanket of wool or down, but a spiritual blanket that covers us when we need it most. Learn more about this remarkable blanket in Under God’s Blanket.


Carrying our Cross – Pentecost

Jesus tells us to “carry your cross.” He also said in the same verse, we should carry it daily. What did he mean by that? Something we do every day must be important. Do you know what “carrying your cross” means? Do you do it every day? This Presentation, Carrying Our Cross, can help with that.


Washing Jesus’ Feet

Traditionally, people wash each other’s feet at the Passover Service. Most Christians consider this to be following Jesus example of humility as he washed His disciples feet. There is another account of a woman who was washing Jesus’ feet and what Jesus said about it. Let’s think more about what that meant to Jesus as we study the account of Washing Jesus’ Feet.


Can the Devil Be Grateful?

The real topic of this presentation is hidden in the title. Discussing the Devil’s nature leads to understanding about our own. “Come and see” what hidden gem lies within the presentation, Can the Devil be Grateful?


Living Unleavened – A Festival Presentation

Thirty years after Christ died, we see in the Bible the Apostle Paul telling the Church to live “unleavened.” It’s clearly a reference to the Festival of Unleavened Bread. He explains that leavening, in the Bible, is a symbol for sin. The only way to live sin free is by the Grace of Jesus Christ, which is the subject of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, a New Testament Christian Festival.

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