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Living in a Post-Christian Culture

If you look at the latest survey results, most people living in the US, no longer consider themselves Christian. Europe when that way decades ago. Western Culture is now a post-Christian Culture. How should Christians adjust?


The Other Side of the Boat

Twice in his ministry, Jesus told his disciples to fish on the other side of the boat. Both times they hauled up huge catches. Is there a lesson there for us? How can we fish on the other side of the boat today?


Waging Spiritual War – 6 – Broken Arrow

“Broken Arrow” is a military term used in the Viet Nam war. When command officers, monitoring a battle, heard this code term on their radios, they knew their troops were in danger of being completely overrun. They were to respond with immediate death-dealing air support delivering close-in bombing. We use it here to describe God’s immediate response when we embrace truth and resist lies.


Waging Spiritual Warfare – 3 – Weapons Training

The Apostle Paul, using a clever metaphor, lists the weapons Christians can use to wage spiritual warfare. When we read it we are impressed by how clever Paul was to come up with such an excellent literary device. If we hold to that, without understanding the vital message he conveyed, we’ve missed the whole point. Seriously, what is all this about the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation? Do you know how to swing the sword of the spirit?


Waging Spiritual War – 2 – Enemy Tactics

In this second part of the series, Waging Spiritual War, we go to boot camp and learn of the enemy’s tactics. We know the devil is a deceiver. He’s so good at it that he has replaced God as “the God of this world.” but how did he do it? We explore his weapons in this presentation.


Waging Spiritual War – 1 – Enlisting

The Bible refers to the Christian life as spiritual warfare. Why would God want Christians to think of life that way? What does it mean to be at war spiritually in terms of everyday life? What are the advantages? If we don’t think of life as a war, are we missing something?

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