Relating to God

When God offers us something, He almost always holds out an expectation of some sort of response from us. Take a calling, for example. A calling is an invitation. God makes it known to us that he wants a relationship with us or provides us a desire to be closer to Him. How do we respond? This series, Relating to God, offers some thoughts.


Relating to God – 4 – Becoming Secure

God has built into every human brain the capacity and desire for relationship. That capacity begins with a loving relationship with parents and expands out to encompass every other kind of relationship in human life. As we grow from children to adults that capacity extends to God as well. How we experience relationship early has a lot to do with how we relate to God later. Are you secure in your relationship with God? Is it easy for you to have faith? What can be done to become more secure in our relationship with God?


Relating to God – 3 – God as Our Father

With this installment of the series, Relating to God, we next consider how God intervenes in our lives to promote connection with us. Are you aware of his efforts? Ever held the door for someone at the mall and they're so busy they don't notice? It's never good to be oblivious to God.