The Underlying Reason for the Christian Passover

Most would say we observe the Passover to commemorate Christ’s death. Since we are asking what’s most important, it’s acceptable to ask, “Why?“ What’s behind Christ’s sacrifice? This presentation probes some more profound elements of God’s design, things that help us understand more about Christ’s sacrifice and what comes our way from it.


Fruit of the Spirit – Part 3 – Joy

Many people think Joy comes upon us because of benefits they receive or accomplishments they achieve. Consequently, they have no way to think about joy in the face of danger or deficiency. The Bible shows us a different way to experience joy. In this presentation, we explain biblical joy and how to experience it.


The Fruit of the Spirit – Part 2 – Love

In the New Testament, God promises that both He and his son, Jesus, will live in believers by the power of His Spirit. The presence of God in the heart of believers causes real change. The Apostle Paul listed nine specific qualities and behaviors that are the fruit of God’s spirit in a believer. This presentation unpacks the first of these qualities, godly love.


The Fruits of the Spirit – Part 1 – What’s Really Important?

Trees produce fruit. If you were a tree, what kind of fruit would you produce? That would depend on which of two different influences available to you. One is the Holy Spirit—God in us. The other called, in the Bible, “the flesh.” That influence passes to us from our original parents, Adam and Eve. They were infected with it and have passed down to all their children.


The Law of God – Part 7 – Grace is a Relationship

The biblical term, grace, has many meanings to many people. To some it is an unctuous, pious sanctimonious expression that is embarrassing to use. To others it is an excuse to wantonly violate the laws of God. And to yet others, it means freedom to worship God however one wants, Bible aside, Jesus example aside, New Testament faith and practice aside. Grace is none of these.


God’s Law – Part 4 – Which Laws Today?

So far in this series, we’ve learned that Christians obey God’s. Most Christians would agree with this statement. Disagreement occurs when we start discussing which parts of it are we to keep today. This presentation deals with this issue, out of the Bible rather than any church’s doctrinal positions on the issue.


The Truth Shall Set You Free – FoT

Jesus told us, ‘The Truth will set you Free." The context tells us he was talking about freedom from practicing sin—carefully thought out sins and habitual sins as well. This presentation pieces together from the Bible how that can happen for us. Being free from addiction, sexual sins, and more, can happen. Included is a step-by-step process to take advantage of Jesus’ offer.


The Better Resurrection – Trumpets

Paul called the first resurrection a better resurrection. First, his statement implies that there is more than one resurrection. And lwhy is one better than another? Learn something new from your Bible, or, if it is not new to you, learn how to explain it to others.


Law of God – Part 2 – Law or Grace

The largest Christian denomination tells us that because Christ died to cover our sins with a blanket of grace, we are now free to sin as we please, confess our sins and do it all over again. Well, that’s not actually what they say, but that’s how it goes for them. Is that what God intends for us because of Christ’s precious sacrifice? Consider the issue with Law or Grace, the second in our series, The Law of God.