Piano and sheet musicPreaching to the Choir

There are a number of self-harming attitudes that have around for a long time, and yet have found new acceptance in recent years. The series is called Preaching to the Choir because we all see the harm of them, even if we are unaware of our exhibition of  them.


Self-Pity – Preaching to the Choir 7

So far in our series, Preaching to the Choir, we discussed, learned helplessness and entitlement. This time we address a closely related state, self-pity. All three of these cause psycho-social and spiritual arrest. In this presentation, learn how to get growing again by overcoming self-pity. Life is so much better when they have a bigger picture of God for our lives.


Helplessness – Preaching to the Choir 5

I talked with a man some time ago who had a doctorate and a business. He told me that he thought everyone should get an income from the government so that no one would have to work. Never mind that there would be no money to give if no one worked. He felt helpless about his floundering business and felt resentful toward others who were successful while he was not. Psychological research has much to teach us about this kind of attitude and how to recognize and overcome it.


Rudeness – Preaching to the Choir 4

People tell me that they encounter more and more who are rude—in stores, on the road, in social media, etc. One person I know calls it “Anti-Social Media.” What’s behind this epidemic and what can be done about it? Does the Bible have anything to say about it? How does this affect our children?