Practical Christian Parenting

There are a number of good parenting programs available. And there are many well parented children, whose parents had no program but just knew what to do from their family experience. What are the approaches and strategies that prepare children for a life with God in it? This series, Practical Christian Parenting will help clarify it.


Whited Sepulchres – Baptism Part 3

Jesus told the Pharisees they were like whitewashed tombs - nice looking to the eye, but inside full of decay. What was the decay he was talking about? And since Whited Sepulchres is about baptism, what does a burial site have to do with that topic?


Deadman Walking – Baptism Part 2

Baptism is the rite that signifies a person's commitment to God as a Christian. What kind of commitment is it? Is it like joining a club? We might think so as we view the contemporary Christian scene. But Baptism is much more than that. Go deeper in Deadman Walking.


What is Baptism? – Baptism Part 1

Baptism is the rite that God uses to specify that a person has become a part of the body of Christ — the church. After the election of the President of the United States, the winner, by law, is not the President until he takes the oath of office. That doesn’t fit too well when a President is incumbent and wins, but if he’s newly elected, then he is not President. The previous president is still the president until he takes the oath of office. Similarly, baptism signifies membership in the body of Christ, the church.


Practical Christian Parenting – 12 – Parenting Adult Children

When children grow up, parenting doesn’t end. But there is a time of change, not only for children, but for parents as well. Roles change. Responsible change. Locations often change. How will everyone handle these changes? Consider what the Bible tells us about the issue in our latest presentation, Practical Christian Parenting Part 12: Parenting Adult Children.


Practical Christian Parenting – 11 – The Teen Years

It’s a current and common belief that teens are ruled by their hormones. We now know that isn’t the major reason for behaviors commonly associated with the teen years. Far reaching changes in the rapidly growing brain of teens is primarily responsible. Once we understand what changes are taking place along with the risks and benefits of such growth, parents have a new way to help their teens through a sometimes difficult transition.


Practical Christian Parenting – 7 – Consequences

Most of what we learn we learn by experience. We say, think, feel or do something, and then we receive the consequences of what we did. Some people believe this is the only way we learn how to get along in the world. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that consequences are an effective way to parent our children. Learn more about how to use consequences in this presentation.


Practical Christian Parenting – 5 – What is a Baby?

How we parent a child depends on what we think a child is. Is a baby, for example, a human with a tendency to disobey God? Or Is a baby, instead, an innocent child—like a blank page? Or a baby, perhaps, a cross between the two or something else altogether. If I told you most Christians have it wrong, would you believe me? One of the central doctrines of Christianity, crept in during the 16th century skews a parents outlook toward their children. Learn more in What is a Baby?