God passes His faith to our children through the relationship we share with them. In this first of the Parenting for Faith series, Relationship, learn dozens of specific things parents can do to strengthen the relationships with their children and thereby help them relate to God.



Helping children feel safe in their relationship with us helps them feel safe in their relationship with God. This is how we can help our children have faith - a precious gift.



Helping children experience success in life helps them have faith that they can be successful with God. Learn specific things parents, congregants and ministers can do to help children develop a relationship with God in Success, part of the Parenting for Faith series.



Most Christians know that God has sent us out into the world to set an example and thereby positively affect those around us. We are the light of the world, Jesus tells us. How do we prepare our children for that God-ordained role? This presentation provides concrete suggestions and examples to help our children extend themselves in a positive way into the world around them



God has given humans free will. Consequently, allowing our children to make choices is important. They need to make lots of their own choices, in order to get ready to be adults. This presentation, Choice, is about the freedom our children need to develop. It contains specific strategies to enhance their life experience and faith in God.



God tells us we must learn to love with all our heart. How do we teach children to do this? Feelings shows specific things parents and do to help children develop a relationship with God from the heart.



God said, of Jesus, "This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased." Do we affirm our children so they know they have something to offer to society and to God? Affirmation specific examples and principles to help affirm our children and the children of others.