When we preach to the choir, we are putting forth a position or point of view with which those we are speaking to will agree.

In our current on-going series by this name, we are covering a set of negative human attributes, so negative very few of us want to own any of them. Things like selfishness, entitlement, rudeness, learned helplessness—you get the idea. When we hear these topics discussed, It is easy for us to listen and think of others, and hard for us to see ourselves.

The main inspiration for this series is a creeping awareness that more and more of my counseling clients come packaged with one or more of these qualities. It seems that most of them don’t realize how miserable such conditions are making them. Besides pointing up the negatives, we also focus on replacing negative behaviors and attitude with positive ones.

Why is this issue important? Besides limiting our misery, our children need to learn to avoid these negatives and adopt positive approaches. Besides direct teaching, children learn by observing examples of parents and other adults. It takes a personal and congregational effort to teach Godly behavior.

Talk to you soon.

— Bill

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