Life After Death

There are so many ideas about what happens to us after we die, yet very few, even Christians, can show a clear picture of life after death from the Bible. There is a repeated, thorough, clear picture of it throughout the scriptures. That picture does not include going to heaven. This series explains what the Bible teaches us about life after death


Life After Death – Part 5 – Judgement

In this last part of the Life After Death Series, we continue on with the time progression through the Book of Revelation that provides a chronology of the final events in God’s plan as he has revealed it. Once we understand the Bible on this issue, we can see why God says he is “not willing that any should perish,” and how he is going to have His way in it. It’s good news!


Life After Death – Part 3 – The Second Resurrection

The apostle John, in the Book of Revelation, writes of a “first resurrection.” In this presentation we cover the second one. Some people consider this resurrection a mystery. While it seems true that the further out a mentioned event is on the Bible timeline, the more obscure the references. But the second resurrection is not so far out that we can’t gain a lot of detail about it, when it occurs, who is resurrected, what form they take. If you don’t understand this point of Bible truth, or if you need to explain it to others, this presentation can help.