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The Holy Days

Most Christians think the biblical holy days, are just for the Jews. According to the Bible, they are for everyone. And eventually everyone is going to observe them for the holidays that they are. Why are they for Christians? For starters, all seven of them are about Jesus Christ and the plan for our salvation. Some of them look back toward things he did when he walked the earth as a human, and some look to the future, foreshadowing things Christ has yet to accomplish. Learn more about them in this series, The Holy Days. If you like, you can also check out another series about these days, Jesus and the Holy Days. which documents, from the Bible, Christ’s connection to each holy day.


Carrying our Cross – Pentecost

Jesus tells us to “carry your cross.” He also said in the same verse, we should carry it daily. What did he mean by that? Something we do every day must be important. Do you know what “carrying your cross” means? Do you do it every day? This Presentation, Carrying Our Cross, can help with that.


Living Unleavened – A Festival Presentation

Thirty years after Christ died, we see in the Bible the Apostle Paul telling the Church to live “unleavened.” It’s clearly a reference to the Festival of Unleavened Bread. He explains that leavening, in the Bible, is a symbol for sin. The only way to live sin free is by the Grace of Jesus Christ, which is the subject of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, a New Testament Christian Festival.


Managing Trials

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPT Managing Trials The Bible includes numerous trials people have endured. God tells us trials are necessary for our spiritual development. This presentation, Managing Trials, offers some


A New Christian Holiday – Atonement

This presentation, the Days of Awe, explains the meaning, not only of the Day of Atonement in God’s salvation plan, but also the 10 day gap between the Feast of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement. These days have traditionally been called by the Jews, “The Days of Awe.”


Jerusalem Old and New – FoT

God tells us in his word that he will send “New Jerusalem” to us. His description of it in Revelation 21-22 is so different it’s difficult to comprehend. Can we learn anything about New Jerusalem by studying the Jerusalem of the past? This presentation explores Jerusalem from the past to discover more about her future.


A New Heart – Day of Atonement

God promised, in the Old Testament, to grant anyone who wants it a new heart, a heart that willing conforms to God’s ways, a heart like God’s heart. Int this presentation, A New Heart, we see that the Holy Days of God also predict this mass change in humanity. “Come and see” how it will work.


Establishing God’s Kingdom on Earth – Feast of Trumpets

Most of the theology schools have made an energetic effort to convince people that the Kingdom of God is the Church. They tell us that everything written by John in the Book of Revelation is nothing but aMost of the theology schools have made an energetic effort to convince people that the Kingdom of God is the Church. They tell us that everything written by John in the Book of Revelation is nothing but a metaphor showing the work of the Church in the world. Still, the idea that Jesus Christ will literally return to the earth and establish a literal kingdom is in the Bible and many people believe he will do exactly that. metaphor showing the work of the Church in the world. Still, the idea that Jesus Christ will literally return to the earth and establish a literal kingdom is in the Bible and many people believe he will establish God's Kingdom on Earth.


Shadows of Things to Come – Pentecost

The Apostle Paul tells us that the Old Testament biblical festivals are “shadows of things to come.” The Feast of First Fruits, gives away the shadow meaning of this Festival in God’s plan. While it was a harvest festival in ancient times, today it is a festival picturing God’s harvest of children for his Kingdom. Jesus founded the Church of God in the New Testament on that same festival (called Pentecost in the New Testament). What do each of the other festivals foreshadow? Not surprisingly, all of them have Jesus Christ stamped all over them.


The Underlying Reason for the Christian Passover

Most would say we observe the Passover to commemorate Christ’s death. Since we are asking what’s most important, it’s acceptable to ask, “Why?“ What’s behind Christ’s sacrifice? This presentation probes some more profound elements of God’s design, things that help us understand more about Christ’s sacrifice and what comes our way from it.


The Truth Shall Set You Free – FoT

Jesus told us, ‘The Truth will set you Free." The context tells us he was talking about freedom from practicing sin—carefully thought out sins and habitual sins as well. This presentation pieces together from the Bible how that can happen for us. Being free from addiction, sexual sins, and more, can happen. Included is a step-by-step process to take advantage of Jesus’ offer.


The Better Resurrection – Trumpets

Paul called the first resurrection a better resurrection. First, his statement implies that there is more than one resurrection. And lwhy is one better than another? Learn something new from your Bible, or, if it is not new to you, learn how to explain it to others.


Old Time Religion – Pentecost

The Bible tells us to stick to the faith Jesus brought to the earth. Over the ages, that model has been watered down and distorted—added to and taken away from. Yet, the true Gospel Jesus brought to earth is still it available to us in the pages of the Bible. It’s easy enough to compare what we do today to the original faith seen in the New Testament and see the clear differences. How close to the original is your faith and practice?


Passed Over – A Passover Presentation

Today when we use the term “passed over,” it usually means we have been ignored. But in the Bible the term takes on a positive message, namely that we have been granted a pass on punishment. The Passover helps us relive, once a year, how that happens and offers us encouraging implications for living to please God.


Pottery 101 – FoT

The Bible tells us that God is the potter and we are the clay. This is an ingenious connection back to creation when Adam was formed from red clay. However, there is more to the picture than just creation. God has given us life. Now he is forming us, molding us, making us the way he wants us to be. The circumstances of our lives are his hands on us. This presentation explores our part in this process.


The Best Holy Day – Atonement

Is there any way one of God’s seven annual festivals can be “better” than another? Probably not. Each one is the best for the lesson God is teaching. Still, it is permissible for us to have our favorites. Mine is Atonement. Here’s why.


Jesus’ Return Date – TR

Ever since Jesus departed for heaven, Christians have been trying to figure out when he was coming back. Many people, since then, have made dogmatic predictions about the exact date, and many have believed them. But so far, everyone has been wrong. Is there a way to figure it out? Do we even need to know? Or is what Jesus said about his return in the Bible all we need?


God is a Farmer – Pentecost

Jesus told us his Father is a farmer. Our Father is growing a crop of beings for his kingdom. We are those crops. What’s the import of that? God has a plan and we are a part of it. He is tending to us, cultivating, planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting. In our age, disconnected from the land, this might not mean much to us, but if we want to know what God is doing, we would be wise to learn more about his farming efforts.


Becoming Unleavened – A Passover Presentation

Every spring in ancient Israel, God instructed the people to hold a harvest festival in which they ate unleavened bread. It was an annual reminder that their predecessors ate unleavened bread the night they fled Egypt, not having time to let their dough rise. Much later, the Apostle Paul, while writing about this festival, compares leavening to sin in the Christian life. He confirms that we also are to observe the Festival of Unleavened Bread—not only eating unleavened bread but also to become unleavened in our hearts, to strive for a sin-free life, as we strive to follow the example Jesus set for us


Zeroing in on Our Calling – FT

As the pace of life speeds up, the more easily it is to become distracted in every aspect of life. That would also include Christian life. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on what is important. This presentation, given in September of 2018 at the Common Faith Network Feast of Tabernacles, draws attention back to the reason God calls people into his church. Do you know why God called you and what he wants you to do every day?


Sacrifical Love – Atonement

John the Baptist referred to Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. The sins of the world we know about, but what about the lamb of God? Did you know there is a biblical festival for Christians that teaches us a lot more about Jesus than Christmas?