Bible Stories for Adults

In reading some biblical websites, Bible dictionaries and commentaries, we see many of Bible stories discounted in some way. Mostly, writes make an attempt to explain God’s will as confusing or unfair. Or they deal with miracles done by God using physical explanations. It’s as though they don’t believe God exists or doesn’t have the ability to do a miracle. In this series, Bible Stories for Adults, we take a look at some Bible stories to see what God is driving at when he inspires Bible writers to share various events in both Testaments.


The Exodus – Bible Stories for Adults – 14

In the story of the Exodus, God has left us a remarkable, encouraging eyewitness account of a tremendous miracle that saved God’s people from death. All we have to do is believe it. Do you? Can you defend it to skeptics? In this series, *Bible Stories for Adults*, we provide information about the Exodus and other Bible stories that can bolster our faith.


Sacrificing Isaac – Bible Stories for Adults 010

A lot of people have heard about the Bible story where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. At the same time, a lot of people have serious misgivings about what God did in this story. Never-the-less, God always has a reason that is our best interest. If we can grasp the message, it could save our eternal lives. Listen to this presentation to consider a deeper meaning.


The Last Laugh – Bible Stories for Adults 009

In our on-going series, Bible Stories for Adults, the 9th episode details God’s work with Abraham and Sarah as they struggle with their lack of an heir. Does this story have a point? Is there anything we can learn from it? In fact, it has a lot to do with how God deals with all of us today. It’s a lesson on how to “carry on” with God.


Noah’s Flood – Bible Stories for Adults 006

When some of us think of Noah’s flood, we think of cute cartoons of animals filing into an ark. It goes without saying there is a lot more to it than that. Besides the doubts some have about the logistics of the ark, what about the issue of God killing off his own children. Such a thought causes some to opine that God is a monster. That’s why we call it a Bible Story for Adults.