Making Life Easier – Part 1 – Taking the Long View

Life is hard enough without making it harder on ourselves. This series, Making Life Easier, provides strategies and tools, so we don’t inadvertently make it harder. These approaches are not no-brainer’s, like “don’t steal,” or “tell the truth,” but deal with real but less understood issues. The first in the series, Making Life Easier, is called Taking the Long View. It’s about the Bible teaching on foresight. Have you ever seen any Christian literature or a sermon on this topic?


Shadows of Things to Come – Pentecost

The Apostle Paul tells us that the Old Testament biblical festivals are “shadows of things to come.” The Feast of First Fruits, gives away the shadow meaning of this Festival in God’s plan. While it was a harvest festival in ancient times, today it is a festival picturing God’s harvest of children for his Kingdom. Jesus founded the Church of God in the New Testament on that same festival (called Pentecost in the New Testament). What do each of the other festivals foreshadow? Not surprisingly, all of them have Jesus Christ stamped all over them.


Fruit of the Spirit – Part 10 – Self-Control

Self-control in modern culture has gone out of style. It’s not often seen as a solution to our problems. Moderns would rather blame them on heredity, or parents, or the political party we are not a part of, or the culture itself. The Bible, however, offers a different view. There we are told that self-control is a fruit of the Spirit of God in us. In practical terms, what does that mean in a Christian’s daily life?


The Underlying Reason for the Christian Passover

Most would say we observe the Passover to commemorate Christ’s death. Since we are asking what’s most important, it’s acceptable to ask, “Why?“ What’s behind Christ’s sacrifice? This presentation probes some more profound elements of God’s design, things that help us understand more about Christ’s sacrifice and what comes our way from it.