What is Baptism?

Lots of questions and opinions arise on the topic of baptism. Some think it's vital. Others think it's irrelevant. Some think it's for adults. Others think it's for infants. It seems each church has a time-honored way of presenting it. What does the Bible say? Learn from the Scriptures about baptism and what it signifies to God and should signify to us.


Deadman Walking

Baptism is the rite that signifies a person's commitment to God as a Christian. What kind of commitment is it? Is it like joining a club? We might think so as we view the contemporary Christian scene. But Baptism is much more than that. Go deeper in Deadman Walking.


Whited Sepulchres

Jesus told the Pharisees they were like whitewashed tombs - nice looking to the eye, but inside full of decay. What was the decay he was talking about? And since Whited Sepulchres is about baptism, what does a burial site have to do with that topic?


The New You

Paul says that we become a new person when we are baptized. How does that work? What does it mean? Did it happen to you? Learn about The New You in this presentation.