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Waging Spiritual Warfare – 3 – Weapons Training

The Apostle Paul, using a clever metaphor, lists the weapons Christians can use to wage spiritual warfare. When we read it we are impressed by how clever Paul was to come up with such an excellent literary device. If we hold to that, without understanding the vital message he conveyed, we’ve missed the whole point. Seriously, what is all this about the shield of faith and the helmet of salvation? Do you know how to swing the sword of the spirit?

Waging Spiritual Warfare – 3 – Weapons Training2021-05-20T09:42:13-06:00

Waging Spiritual War – 6 – Broken Arrow

“Broken Arrow” is a military term used in the Viet Nam war. When command officers, monitoring a battle, heard this code term on their radios, they knew their troops were in danger of being completely overrun. They were to respond with immediate death-dealing air support delivering close-in bombing. We use it here to describe God’s immediate response when we embrace truth and resist lies.

Waging Spiritual War – 6 – Broken Arrow2021-05-20T09:41:28-06:00

Waging Spiritual War – 5 – Resisting Lies with Truth

The Bible tells us that, as Christian Soldiers, our weapons are not physical. We don’t need fighter planes or machine guns. How do we, then, fight “the good fight of faith?” In this presentation, we go into detail about how to wage war against the lies of the adversary.

Waging Spiritual War – 5 – Resisting Lies with Truth2021-05-20T09:41:49-06:00

Waging Spiritual War – 4 – Rules of Engagement

Every army has rules soldiers follow in dealing with the enemy. How do Christian soldiers engage the adversary? What tactics do they use and under what circumstances? How and when do they use their weapons? Do you know the rules for spiritual combat?

Waging Spiritual War – 4 – Rules of Engagement2021-05-20T09:41:57-06:00
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Waging Spiritual War – 2 – Enemy Tactics

In this second part of the series, Waging Spiritual War, we go to boot camp and learn of the enemy’s tactics. We know the devil is a deceiver. He’s so good at it that he has replaced God as “the God of this world.” but how did he do it? We explore his weapons in this presentation.

Waging Spiritual War – 2 – Enemy Tactics2021-05-20T09:42:20-06:00

Waging Spiritual War – 1 – Enlisting

The Bible refers to the Christian life as spiritual warfare. Why would God want Christians to think of life that way? What does it mean to be at war spiritually in terms of everyday life? What are the advantages? If we don’t think of life as a war, are we missing something?

Waging Spiritual War – 1 – Enlisting2021-05-20T09:42:33-06:00

Fruit of the Spirit – Part 3 – Joy

Many people think Joy comes upon us because of benefits they receive or accomplishments they achieve. Consequently, they have no way to think about joy in the face of danger or deficiency. The Bible shows us a different way to experience joy. In this presentation, we explain biblical joy and how to experience it.

Fruit of the Spirit – Part 3 – Joy2022-01-02T06:30:03-07:00

Passed Over – A Passover Presentation

Today when we use the term “passed over,” it usually means we have been ignored. But in the Bible the term takes on a positive message, namely that we have been granted a pass on punishment. The Passover helps us relive, once a year, how that happens and offers us encouraging implications for living to please God.

Passed Over – A Passover Presentation2021-05-20T08:54:44-06:00

The Return of Christ – Trumpets

A friend asked us to produce a presentation explaining Christ’s return in a way that children could understand. This presentation is my effort at that—an outline with context. A timely presentation for the Festival of Trumpets, which falls on the first day of the 7th month. A day when ancient Israel blew the 7th Trumpet.

The Return of Christ – Trumpets2021-05-20T09:53:32-06:00

Standing Still

In our Western society’s approach to life, it seems like there is always too much to do, too many places to go, too many emails to answer, Etc. Yet God tells us in the pages of the Bible that there is a time to stand still. When should we do that—and why?

Standing Still2021-05-20T12:49:57-06:00
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