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How do we help those who have left the faith, both children and adults? Most of us, in our dismissing society, think once they are gone, they are gone for good. But God shows that isn't true. There are things we can do. Learn how Prayer plays a part.


Passed Over – A Passover Presentation

Today when we use the term “passed over,” it usually means we have been ignored. But in the Bible the term takes on a positive message, namely that we have been granted a pass on punishment. The Passover helps us relive, once a year, how that happens and offers us encouraging implications for living to please God.

Passed Over – A Passover Presentation2021-03-26T07:29:03-06:00

Living in a Post-Christian Culture

If you look at the latest survey results, most people living in the US, no longer consider themselves Christian. Europe when that way decades ago. Western Culture is now a post-Christian Culture. How should Christians adjust?

Living in a Post-Christian Culture2021-01-16T08:54:08-07:00

Waging Spiritual War – 6 – Broken Arrow

“Broken Arrow” is a military term used in the Viet Nam war. When command officers, monitoring a battle, heard this code term on their radios, they knew their troops were in danger of being completely overrun. They were to respond with immediate death-dealing air support delivering close-in bombing. We use it here to describe God’s immediate response when we embrace truth and resist lies.

Waging Spiritual War – 6 – Broken Arrow2021-04-06T15:11:46-06:00

Waging Spiritual War – 4 – Rules of Engagement

Every army has rules soldiers follow in dealing with the enemy. How do Christian soldiers engage the adversary? What tactics do they use and under what circumstances? How and when do they use their weapons? Do you know the rules for spiritual combat?

Waging Spiritual War – 4 – Rules of Engagement2021-04-06T15:10:03-06:00

Pottery 101 – FoT

The Bible tells us that God is the potter and we are the clay. This is an ingenious connection back to creation when Adam was formed from red clay. However, there is more to the picture than just creation. God has given us life. Now he is forming us, molding us, making us the way he wants us to be. The circumstances of our lives are his hands on us. This presentation explores our part in this process.

Pottery 101 – FoT2020-09-22T14:03:05-06:00

Jesus’ Return Date – TR

Ever since Jesus departed for heaven, Christians have been trying to figure out when he was coming back. Many people, since then, have made dogmatic predictions about the exact date, and many have believed them. But so far, everyone has been wrong. Is there a way to figure it out? Do we even need to know? Or is what Jesus said about his return in the Bible all we need?

Jesus’ Return Date – TR2020-08-16T15:45:28-06:00

Heirs Together – The God-Based Marriage – 4

While marriage is an everyday relationship, it also looks beyond this life to the goal a husband and wife can both attain in the Kingdom of God. This goal causes a God-Based marriage to become a spiritually beneficial relationship for both parties, as they support each other in spiritual things. For that reason, knowing that a husband and wife are “heirs together of the grace of life,” organizes marriage into a profoundly spiritual endeavor.

Heirs Together – The God-Based Marriage – 42021-04-06T14:52:30-06:00

Sacrificial Love – The God-Based Marriage – 3

Jesus said that laying down one’s life for one’s friends was the greatest love of all. How does this apply to marriage, when the marriage is God-Based? It’s the most powerful aspect of a healthy marriage. Are you good that this kind of love?

Sacrificial Love – The God-Based Marriage – 32021-04-06T14:49:54-06:00
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