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The Best Holy Day – Atonement

Is there any way one of God’s seven annual festivals can be “better” than another? Probably not. Each one is the best for the lesson God is teaching. Still, it is permissible for us to have our favorites. Mine is Atonement. Here’s why.

The Best Holy Day – Atonement2020-09-12T15:18:52-06:00

Jesus’ Return Date – TR

Ever since Jesus departed for heaven, Christians have been trying to figure out when he was coming back. Many people, since then, have made dogmatic predictions about the exact date, and many have believed them. But so far, everyone has been wrong. Is there a way to figure it out? Do we even need to know? Or is what Jesus said about his return in the Bible all we need?

Jesus’ Return Date – TR2020-08-16T15:45:28-06:00

The Sea of Galilee and You

Many people living outside of Israel don’t think much about the Sea of Galilee, yet God uses this beautiful lake to instruct Christians about a vital aspect of Christian life. Don’t miss out on it.

The Sea of Galilee and You2018-05-07T15:36:17-06:00

Sense of Self – Mental Health and the Bible 14

In the 70’s pop psychology emphasized “self-esteem” as a necessity for mental health. Never mind that federal prison inmates scored high on self-esteem scales. Clearly, how we see ourselves, has a profound effect on our mood, productivity, and behavior, but how? What does the Bible say about how we ought to see ourselves?

Sense of Self – Mental Health and the Bible 142018-05-07T18:25:27-06:00

Guilt – Mental Health and the Bible 7

Description: There is so much confusion about guilt. Besides the fact that it feels terrible, is it good for us or bad? Does it drag us down, or motivate us to change? What does the Bible say? What does modern psychology say? Consider this issue in Guilt - Mental Health and the Bible 7.

Guilt – Mental Health and the Bible 72017-11-23T15:38:24-07:00

The First 100 Days

Presidents, in the United States, are traditionally evaluated for their accomplishments after the first 100 days. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ will return to the earth and make sweeping changes. What will it be like in His First 100 days?

The First 100 Days2017-09-02T10:14:02-06:00

Distortions and Reality

Christians strive to be good servants of God. We sometimes find ourselves in the grip, however, of tendencies to grow spiritually dull. This dullness often arises distorted ways of thinking about God, life, others and ourselves. Learn how to spot your own distortions in this presentation.

Distortions and Reality2017-05-26T19:56:14-06:00

Jesus and the Eighth Day

In Leviticus 23, and other places in the Bible as well, there is a unique holy day mentioned. Unlike the other biblical holy days, the significance of this day in God's plan is shrouded. The day is simply called "the eighth day." And yet it is a holy day, just as is Pentecost, or the Feast of Trumpets. What is the significance of the Eighth Day?

Jesus and the Eighth Day2017-05-12T03:05:26-06:00

Jesus and the Feast of Tabernacles

In John 7, we see Jesus observing and even preaching during a biblical festival called the Feast of Tabernacles. This festival pictures the salvation plan that He and the Father have been working out. He said, in that sermon, that those who come to Him, will receive the Holy Spirit, a clearly New Testament event. And yet most Christians have never even heard of this festival!

Jesus and the Feast of Tabernacles2017-05-12T03:05:08-06:00

Jesus and Atonement

The Bible predicts one of the most astounding events in all history, the restoration of the relationship between God and humankind, broken in the Garden of Eden. The prediction is mentioned in the Book of Revelation with much emphasis and fanfare, an important event in the mind of God. Many would be surprised to learn that there is a day on God's calendar every year to commemorate that incredible event. But how could that possibly be true? Very few Christians know about it.

Jesus and Atonement2017-05-12T03:04:45-06:00
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