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The Best Holy Day – Atonement

Is there any way one of God’s seven annual festivals can be “better” than another? Probably not. Each one is the best for the lesson God is teaching. Still, it is permissible for us to have our favorites. Mine is Atonement. Here’s why.

The Best Holy Day – Atonement2020-09-12T15:18:52-06:00

The First 100 Days

Presidents, in the United States, are traditionally evaluated for their accomplishments after the first 100 days. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ will return to the earth and make sweeping changes. What will it be like in His First 100 days?

The First 100 Days2017-09-02T10:14:02-06:00

The Meaning of the Days of Unleavened Bread

There are seven festivals in the Bible that picture steps in God's salvation plan. Since Jesus Christ is the focal point of that plan, He is also the focal point of each festival. Perhaps that is one reason why the New Testament church observed all seven of these God-given Biblical Festivals.

The Meaning of the Days of Unleavened Bread2017-05-12T03:06:09-06:00

Jesus and the Eighth Day

In Leviticus 23, and other places in the Bible as well, there is a unique holy day mentioned. Unlike the other biblical holy days, the significance of this day in God's plan is shrouded. The day is simply called "the eighth day." And yet it is a holy day, just as is Pentecost, or the Feast of Trumpets. What is the significance of the Eighth Day?

Jesus and the Eighth Day2017-05-12T03:05:26-06:00

Jesus and the Feast of Trumpets

There are seven annual Holy Days in the Bible. The New Testament shows the Church, the diciples and Jesus observing six of them. Trumpets is the only one without mention in the New Testament. Why would we observe it, then?

Jesus and the Feast of Trumpets2017-05-12T03:04:26-06:00

Jesus and Pentecost

Of all the Holy Days, Pentecost might be the easiest to explain, since most Christian churches observe Pentecost, if in only a minor way. Still there is a lot to think about when we answer the questions of those who ask.

Jesus and Pentecost2017-05-12T03:04:05-06:00

Inner Work

Part of this year's Fall Festivals series, Inner Work focuses on the connection between our future, pictured in the holy days, and our life today.

Inner Work2017-05-12T03:09:53-06:00

Life After Death – Part 1 – Our True Hope

More and more people today believe that when they die that will be the end for them. They have no hope for a future beyond this life. Many others, also in ever-increasing numbers, are uncertain about what happens after death. This presentation is for those people or for those who talk to them on this topic.

Life After Death – Part 1 – Our True Hope2021-04-06T15:15:04-06:00

The Law in Our Hearts

Today when we use the term “passed over,” it usually means we have been ignored. But in the Bible the term takes on a positive message, namely that we have been granted a pass on punishment. The Passover helps us relive, once a year, how that happens and offers us encouraging implications for living to please God.

The Law in Our Hearts2021-02-21T09:05:16-07:00
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