The Call of Abraham

One of the Bible stories that doesn’t get too much play is the call of Abraham. Interestingly, this story is one of the most important of all Scripture, and not that affects all our lives every day, know it or not. Not only does it show us how God has worked with human beings in time past, also about the way God works—His style, so to speak.



The label Narcissist seems to be generating lots of momentum these days. Is the number of narcissists on the rise? Or is the term something people call those who offend them? Or is it something else altogether? Access the audio and think more about it.


The Tower of Babel

The tower of Babel is an ancient story that most people today completely misunderstand. They think it’s irrelevant to their life and to modern life in general, when in truth, Babel is a lesson for us today, perhaps more than any other generation, about relating successfully to God.



Why do so many people today feel entitled to things they did not work to obtain? Is it healthy? Should Christians follow that line? If not, how can self-entitled persons work their way back to taking responsibility for self?


Noah’s Flood

When some of us think of Noah’s flood, we think of cute cartoons of animals filing into an ark. It goes without saying there is a lot more to it than that. Besides the doubts some have about the logistics of the ark, what about the issue of God killing off his own children. Such a thought causes some to opine that God is a monster. That’s why we call it a Bible Story for Adults.


Overcoming Offenses

 Until recently most people would not like to admit to being offended. Lately, some people make a habit of admitting offense. What’s going on with that? What is the effect of it on society? How should a Christian view the issue? Check it out in the first of our new series, Preaching to the Choir.