Why So Many Types of Christians? – Pentecost

Jesus said he and the Father are one, and that we are one with them by the Holy Spirit. If that is true, why are there so many different denominations, reorganizations, splits, schisms, and sects? Shouldn’t there be just one? Or does God have something way beyond anything we can imagine in store for us? Consider the situation in this presentation.


Helplessness – Preaching to the Choir 5

I talked with a man some time ago who had a doctorate and a business. He told me that he thought everyone should get an income from the government so that no one would have to work. Never mind that there would be no money to give if no one worked. He felt helpless about his floundering business and felt resentful toward others who were successful while he was not. Psychological research has much to teach us about this kind of attitude and how to recognize and overcome it.


Sacrificing Isaac – Bible Stories for Adults

A lot of people have heard about the Bible story where God tells Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. At the same time, a lot of people have serious misgivings about what God did in this story. Never-the-less, God always has a reason that is our best interest. If we can grasp the message, it could save our eternal lives. Listen to this presentation to consider a deeper meaning.


Self-Pity – Preaching to the Choir 7

So far in our series, Preaching to the Choir, we discussed, learned helplessness and entitlement. This time we address a closely related state, self-pity. All three of these cause psycho-social and spiritual arrest. In this presentation, learn how to get growing again by overcoming self-pity. Life is so much better when they have a bigger picture of God for our lives.


Discerning the Body – Passover

The Apostle Paul says that the Passover, as he got it from Jesus Christ, is an annual spiritual self-evaluation. One of the things he tells us to think about is our discernment of the Body of Christ. What does that mean? If you think you already know, consider that with God, there is always more to learn.


Rudeness – Preaching to the Choir 4

People tell me that they encounter more and more who are rude—in stores, on the road, in social media, etc. One person I know calls it “Anti-Social Media.” What’s behind this epidemic and what can be done about it? Does the Bible have anything to say about it? How does this affect our children?


The Call of Abraham – Bible Stories for Adults 8

One of the Bible stories that doesn’t get too much play is the call of Abraham. Interestingly, this story is one of the most important of all Scripture, and not that affects all our lives every day, know it or not. Not only does it show us how God has worked with human beings in time past, also about the way God works—His style, so to speak.


The Last Laugh – Preaching to the Choir 9

In our on-going series, Bible Stories for Adults, the 9th episode details God’s work with Abraham and Sarah as they struggle with their lack of an heir. Does this story have a point? Is there anything we can learn from it? In fact, it has a lot to do with how God deals with all of us today. It’s a lesson on how to “carry on” with God.