Standing Still

In our Western society’s approach to life, it seems like there is always too much to do, too many places to go, too many emails to answer, Etc. Yet God tells us in the pages of the Bible that there is a time to stand still. When should we do that—and why?


How God Works

All of us have an innate style of operating, of being in the world. Some of us are intense, other laid back, some organized, some less so. What is God like? How does He work? An important question about someone who has so much power and influence in our lives.



In our era people are bombarded with more incoming information than ever before. It’s a new phenomenon. How do we handle it? All the high goals and intentions in the world don’t matter, if we can’t take care of the day-to-day processing of incoming information. Email, social media, text messages, voice mail, can take over and leech our time away. Learn a simple way to make sense out of chaos and get a handle on all the incoming.


Managing Time

Looking ahead is something Jesus was and is big on. So is being ready for any eventuality. But how good are we at these time management skills? Sharpen yours with this presentation, the third in our series on time management.


Prioritizing Time

Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” That implies a prioritization of our time, if we want to be successful with God. Learn more about doing this in a balanced way in this presentation.


Time Management for Christians

Feeling overwhelmed? Too much to do and not enough time to do it? As we read the Gospels, we note that there is no record of Jesus being late, overwhelmed, or stressed by time management issues. That might mean that we are not supposed to feel like that if we want to be like him. Consider your time management approach and gains some tools for this critical part of life in Time Management for Christians.


Freedom in Christ

The Apostle Paul wrote about “freedom in Christ,” a contradiction in terms for many people, who see Christianity as restrictive, the stuff of mind control cults, and, as Karl Marx said, “the opiate of the masses.” What should the term mean to Christians? How do Christians explain it to those who want to know?


The Sea of Galilee and You

Many people living outside of Israel don’t think much about the Sea of Galilee, yet God uses this beautiful lake to instruct Christians about a vital aspect of Christian life. Don’t miss out on it.


The Trauma Bond

Did you know that a relationship develops between victims and perpetrators when some one is held captive or coerced? There is even a name for it. It’s called the trauma bond. Even though we see it every day, most of us are not aware of it. We are naïve. It doesn’t just happen in banks in Stockholm, or in Waco Texas. It happens all around us.