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The First 100 Days


The First 100 Days Presidents, in the United States, are traditionally evaluated for their accomplishments after the first 100 days. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ will return to the earth and make


Religion or Relationship


Have you seen that tee shirt that has on it, "It's not about religion. It's about a relationship?" Is that right, or is it wrong? What would you say? Since, for Christians, religion and relationship are both something we try to do, it might be fun to sort this one out, have a biblically informed opinion, think clearly about it.


Your Will Be Done


One of the most often recited parts of the Bible is the Lord's Prayer. But didn't Jesus tell us not to make prayer a rote exercise? Maybe Jesus had something else in mind. In this new series, The Lord's Prayer, we take an expanded look at what Jesus was teaching Christians about prayer.