Ambivalence – Mental Health/Bible 9

The Bible makes note of the human tendency to be “double minded.” Today we call it ambivalence. When we have strong feelings in several different directions at once, it tends to cause anxiety. The mind doesn’t like it. It’s not good for us spiritually, either. In this presentation, learn about how to identify and reduce ambivalence.


The Real Star Wars

A long time ago, in a realm far away, there was a might battle waged against the forces of Good by the forces of Evil. The Bible provides an opaque view of this ancient event. Learn more about it in The Real Star Wars—the consequences that affect us all every day—and how the Good will soon prevail for all time.


The First 100 Days

Presidents, in the United States, are traditionally evaluated for their accomplishments after the first 100 days. The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ will return to the earth and make sweeping changes. What will it be like in His First 100 days?


How Christian Life Works

How we think about the forces at work in life it is supposed to change once we become Christians. This is because God begins to work with us in a different way than he did before we came to him. Learn more about these changes in How Christian Life Works.


Are You a Superstitious Christian?

Black cats, four leaf clovers, walking under a ladder, rabbits’ feet—all examples of common superstitious beliefs. Many people, after coming to Christ, turn away from these common superstitious beliefs. And then they become superstitious about their Christianity. Are you a superstitious Christian? Learn a more realistic life view in this presentation.


The Devil’s Best Kept Secret

The Bible tells us that the Devil is a deceiver (See Revelation 12:9). He hides the things of God from all of us. What do you suppose is his best kept secret, the thing he wants to hid from us the most? Learn more about it in The Devil's Best Kept Secret. 


Religion or Relationship

Have you seen that tee shirt that has on it, "It's not about religion. It's about a relationship?" Is that right, or is it wrong? What would you say? Since, for Christians, religion and relationship are both something we try to do, it might be fun to sort this one out, have a biblically informed opinion, think clearly about it.