God’s Plan

Sometimes it is difficult to reconcile what we see in the world with a loving God. What is going on down here and why? Learn more in this though provoking Pentecost presentation, God’s Plan for You.


Goal Orientation

It’s been said that obstacles are those terrible things we see when we take our eyes off the goal. When we feel negative and discouraged, that’s what we’ve done. Learn more about orienting toward the only lasting goal. This presentation was given during the Festival of Unleavened Bread.


Why Were You Born?

In this world people cast about, blindly seeking happiness or satisfaction. But what really sattifies? To find out it's important to ask the right questions. The first question in our series, Unlocking your Full Potential, is Why Were You Born?


What is Your Mission?

Many people scrabble about, intent on diffuse goals like “happiness,” or “success” yet oblivious to their true purpose. Many Christians do the same. Even though they have a vague idea of eternal life and a calling, they are oblivious to the mission God has for them, both now and in the future.


What is Your Gift?

When God calls us and we accept his calling, he places us in Christ’s body, the church. As members of the body we have an assigned mission. To help us accomplish our mission, we are each given a spiritual gift. What is your gift? Learn more about finding and using your gift in this presentation. It will help you unlock your full potential in Christ.


Has Your Mission Changed?

When we try with all our might to accomplish a mission and we can't succeed, sometimes the reason is that God has change our mission and we haven't caught on to it yet. Learn more about how to tell if you are still on the right track with God when it comes to your mission.


Times of Refreshing

With radiation poisoning, you can be dead and not even know it. The damage has been done already, but it is not yet felt. Our spiritual life can be damaged in the same way. We can be walking around, yet dead to our calling and connection to God without even knowing it. If by the grace of God, we can catch it in time, there is a way to renew spiritually. But would you even know if you need to? Learn more in Spiritual Renewal Part 1: Times of Refreshing.


Remembering Your Story

How many do you know who have gradually pulled away from God, who no longer fellowship, whose love for Godhas grown grow cold? If we think about it, we see that this is a common—and dangerous—occurrence in Christian life. In this second presentation of our series on Spiritual Renewal we see how to renew zeal and love for God.


Distortions and Reality

Christians strive to be good servants of God. We sometimes find ourselves in the grip, however, of tendencies to grow spiritually dull. This dullness often arises distorted ways of thinking about God, life, others and ourselves. Learn how to spot your own distortions in this presentation.


Themes and Roles

All of us learn to play a role or roles in our family of origin. We also develop life themes, both positive and negative in childhood. These themes and roles affect us all our lives. If we are aware of them, it helps us grow spiritually, and understand how God has worked with us all our lives.


Your Family Story

How has growing up in your family of origin affected your interactions and relationship with God? If we delve into our family experiences, we will see that God has been with us every step of the way. Even bad things can play a good part. Knowing this helps us understand God’s design for us and see his interventions in our life.


Your Serving Story

Jesus said he was a servant and that we are to be servants too. What is the history of your serving God since you have been called? What are the ups and down? What caused success and difficulty? How does your past influence your ability to serve God for good or for bad? When things are hard we tend to grow weary. So understanding our part in creating our own difficulties can directly affect our spiritual renewal.


Newness of Life

This is the conclusion to the series, Spiritual Renewal. In it we examine renewal as it ranges through the entire Bible. God shows us how to renew and give us special days that mark events in the past and the future to help us look back to be encouraged about God’s involvement in our lives and to look forward with excitement about our future with him also. If you are feeling down, or know someone who is, this is the series for you.



So far we’ve seen that we have a lot control over how happy we are. Much of it has to do with choosing to think positively. Some of us wonder, of course, “But what about all the problems? Do we just ignore them?” If we go about life ignoring our problems, often they get bigger, don’t they? So how do we deal with the negatives? Well, that’s what we will consider today. The title of this presentation is called Being Happy – Part 5 – Solutions.



So many seek happiness, yet don’t see that it comes as a by product of something else. One of those elements is contributing to the greater good. How involved are you in doing that? Consider it more deeply in this presentation.