Go To Your Brother

Unity was so important to Jesus that he told his disciples that if they were in the temple about to make a sacrifice and suddenly recalled that someone had something against them, they should immediately leave the temple, seek out the one offended and make peace. Getting the relationship right is more important than performing religious activities.


Something for Nothing

We like to think of ourselves as generous, but there is something about human nature that causes us to want "something for nothing." This tendency causes all kinds of trouble. Learn to get away from it in our latest presentation, Something for Nothing.


Judging Others

Jesus tells us in the Bible “judge not that you be not judged.” Then again he tells us to “judge righteous judgment.” Which is it? Did you know that in the answer is a strong connection to our spiritual and mental health? Learn more about it in Judging Others.


Keeping Sabbath

The very first thing God showed us to do in his Word, very few of us are willing to do. One of the greatest blessings God has ever given us is also one of the things humans have resisted the most. Learn how to be blessed by God in our latest presentation, Keeping the Sabbath.


Proving the Sabbath

Jesus wasn't afraid the world would rub off on him. He rubbed shoulders with all kinds of people so he would rub off on the world. One way we Sabbatarian Christians can rub off on in our world is our observance of the Sabbath. To do that we need an explanation that speaks the concerns of non-Sabbatarians.



What do you know about tithing? Do you tithe? Did you know that the word Tithe means" Tenth?" The financial blessing that God promises from tithing is so certain that God even uses it as proof that He exists.


The Benefits of Gratitude

Most people know that gratitude expressed is a social benefit to the one expressing and the one receiving. And most Christians know that God tells us to be grateful to Him for his blessings (and trials). But did you know that gratitude is also an indicator of mental health?


Healing the Breach

The Day of Atonement, Jewish Holy Day, or Christian Observance? Did you know that the Apostle Paul used the Day of Atonement to explain the New Covenant? That said, how could the day not have meaning for us?


Let’s Roll

The Bible calls Christians “saints.” Some people think a saint is a perfect, or nearly perfect person. But the Bible emphasizes something else. Learn more about what saints are and do as well s the mindset they carry with them.