With all the choices available to us in modern life, it's getting harder to focus on what's important. Recently an exeprience with a teenager helped me rethink my level of committment.


The Law of Attraction

What if God causes us to be blessed, not only for our obedience, but also for our attitude. What if a positive attitude draws blessings? What if, in addition to personally passing out blessings, God also created a universe that simply works well for those who are aligned with His own nature and behavior?


Evangelism and Youth

Guy Swenson presented, at the Lake Tahoe LifeResource Ministries Feast in 2009, Evangelism and Youth, a powerful example showing how to fire up young people for Jesus Christ.


Adults Honoring Parents 1

The Commandment tells us, "Honor your father and your mother." But how does an adult honor a parent that is hurtful or negative? The first of this two-part presentation, Adults Honoring Parents 1, examines what the Bible tells us and offers concrete help.


Fiery Darts

We've known Christians who see demons around every corner, so to speak. These folks often play the "discernment card," believing that their spiritual discernment is greater than that of others, when it could just as easily be the reverse. How does the Devil work in the world today?s To learn more, order Fiery Darts now.


Advantages of NCD

The Churches of God want to grow. But there is something that must come first — congregational health. Natural Church Development is an approach to church health that fits any church, even yours. Advantages of NCD is introductory material for the Church Health series.



God passes His faith to our children through the relationship we share with them. In this first of the Parenting for Faith series, Relationship, learn dozens of specific things parents can do to strengthen the relationships with their children and thereby help them relate to God.



Helping children feel safe in their relationship with us helps them feel safe in their relationship with God. This is how we can help our children have faith - a precious gift.