Praying With the Windows Open

Daniel was one of the stalwards of God in the Bible. He put God first in is life. Scripture tells us prayed with the windows open. But what was so great about that? Order Praying with the Windows Open now.


Jesus’ Human Experience

Some people think Jesus was never tempted to sin, that he was above it all, that he could not have failed in the task the Father set for him - to live a sinless human life. Is that true? Consider the issue in Jesus' Human Experience.


Character for Kids

Is there a way to raise children to be responsible for their own actions and to understand the connection between what they do and what happens to them as a result? Order Character for Kids to learn more.


Justified and Sanctified

The Scripture tells us that the angels in heaven look down on us and are astounded, mystified even. How is God going to move us from where we are to where He is? It's the greatest mystery of all. We are so pitiful and He is so powerful, it looks like there is no way it can happen. But the answer is hidden in two words. Learn more about them in Justified and Sanctified.


True Spirituality – 14 – Peace

Does peace follow you wherever you go? Or is drama your constant companion? For most of us we are somewhere between the extrremes. We wish we could be more at peace. For more about being at peace and being a peacemaker, order Peace, part of our True Spirituality series.


Six Parenting Principles

Do you have a map in your head of where you want to go with your parenting? Or is it just a chaotic, confused, reactive style? Learn to parent with a plan so that your children don't beocme chaotic, confused, reactive and ANGRY. Order Six Parenting Principles now.



Do you have the "scarcity mentality" or the "abundance mentality?" Which way is God's? Abundance delves into the issue as related to faith and anxiety.


True Spirituality – 10 – Justice

Want to be encouraged? Think of it, when Christ returns, he will bring justice to the earth. No more big business manipulating corrupt govenrment. No more oppression of the weak. No more games, manipulation, deception, or spin. Justice is part of the True Sprituality series.