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  Taking a Look at Emotions  Paying it Forward     CD's No Longer Offered
Emotions can cause us a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure. Learn how to increase the joy and decrease the pain in this new series. Yes, we give everything away for FREE! But the only way we can do that is because others pay for your free material. Please help with a donation. Pay it forward and be a blessing. We are no longer offering CD's, but our audio materials may be downloaded or or heard to our site. Transcripts may also be read or downloaded.
 Latest Resource
Taking a Look at Our Emotions Part 9 - Undestanding Loss

“Trauma” has become a new buzz word in the armchair psychology field. Everyone is traumatized by everthing. Everyone has PTSD. Is that really true? Or should we just “get over" life's difficulties? Learn more about this issue in this our latest presentation.

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